Rode NTK Tube Replacement – Telefunken E88CC / Mullard 6922 Gold Pin

There’s nothing like a decade-long Rode NTK Tube Replacement story… In 2002 I was in the market for a reasonably priced tube microphone for my home studio.  My research led me to purchase the RODE NTK.  As it turned out, I never actually used it on a recording because the high end was too harsh […]

Reamping Guitar Tracks in the Capital City

  This post is probably on the verge of heresy for guitar tone purists, but I thought I would share this reamping experience anyway. Last week I spent a half-day at The Jam Room in Columbia, SC reamping guitar and bass tracks for a new upcoming single release, Radio Silence. I wanted to be able […]

Late Night Tracking with the Redeye 3D

I received the Little Labs Redeye 3D last week.  The Redeye is reamp-DI tool from Little Labs that I’m using to split my guitar signal for tracking so I can reamp the performance at a later time.  I send a clean direct guitar signal to one track and the second signal either goes to my […]