Stolen Wings

Storyline context: You are free to choose, but you have a time limit.  If you don’t make the decision, it will be made for you.  One side will lose.  This is the natural order and not something that can be avoided.  The choice you make is something that you must live through.   It must be […]


Storyline context: Some changes occur in people in such seemingly small and insignificant ways that they are barely perceptible to those around them.  Entire lives are lived inside dreams and desires that never see the light of day.  They grow stronger in silence and frustration little by little year after year until the dreamer is […]

Seeker’s Prayer

Storyline context: Once the decision is made…own it. If you get lost (and you will)…embrace the empty distance. Embrace the void because there is no other way back and there are no guarantees of a safe return. Sierra One Three Two George or India, Bravo Whiskey You’re very quiet tonight… Diamonds in the rough Are […]

The Last Orbit

Storyline context: When you have everything, you have everything to lose.  When the once desired becomes mundane it’s easy to find yourself coming full circle…waiting for something else.  There is no geographical or external cure for this.  The resolution comes when you realize that all you have to lose…is everything.  I bring machines so I […]

Dead Reckoning

Storyline context: When everything is lost….what’s left? The truth can be difficult to accept and denial accelerates the downward spiral. My situation is deteriorating in the face of an undeniable truth…no possibility of a return. As paranoia, mental exhaustion and chemical dependencies begin to take over, it becomes easier to navigate the space between tangible […]

Daylight (silent key)

Storyline context: Artificial zeitgebers sustain circadian rhythms as I descend.  I am set adrift, marooned in a dark, narcotic ocean.   Hope is now nothing but a shallow breath echoing through the thinning air… Radio silence is the cage I find myself inside Scanning through an ocean For ripples in the tide I’m a weightless vibration […]