Late Night Tracking with the Redeye 3D

I received the Little Labs Redeye 3D last week.  The Redeye is reamp-DI tool from Little Labs that I’m using to split my guitar signal for tracking so I can reamp the performance at a later time.  I send a clean direct guitar signal to one track and the second signal either goes to my amp (or gets processed) and is sent to another track in the DAW.

For processed signals (usually Line 6 Pod Farm 2) the flow goes from the Redeye 1/4 inch out to the Line 6 interface into an A-Designs REDDI which then to the Langevin DVC preamp/limiter…then to the Mytek 192 ADC which is then captured on “track A” in Cubase.  The direct signal goes from the Redeye mic out to the other side of the Langevin pre-amp and then to the other channel of the Mytek ADC which is captured on “track B” in Cubase.

Redeye Voodoo

I’ve become accustom to way my Line 6 patches sound through the REDDI.  At first when I added the Little Labs to the signal chain, it SEEMED to change all of my tones a bit….this concerned me greatly.  The tone seemed to have less sustain and overall “sheen”.  I was sweating it for about 45 seconds thinking that the Little Labs was not going happen for me…until I cranked the instrument/re-amp level on the Redeye wide open.  That brought the tone and sustain of the processed signal back to familiar territory.  (My heart rate and devilish grin recovered as well.)  I can still tell it’s in the signal chain, but it’s helping the overall tone.  It seems to be doing something to string attack that I’m loving.  It’s probably “custom wound” transformer voodoo.

Being able to capture “todays” tone AND having the option to re-amp that exact performance sometime in the future is a huge creative advantage for me.  The Redeye 3D allows me to focus on the performance of the track “now” and then focus on the tone and texture of the amp (or amps) later.  Also the possibilities for blending 2 very different tones using the exact same performance has really  gotten my head spinning as well.  I’m still experimenting with this.  Phasing can be an issue when doing this.

The New Redeye 3D Standard for Tracking Guitars

This has become my new de facto standard method for recording all electric guitar tracks.  Yes, it doubles my electric guitar track count, but who cares?  Folder tracks to keep things straight.  The Redeye 3D from Little Labs is simply an awesome creative tool that has earned a permanent place in my studio.

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