6 Steps to Better Song Lyrics

In a previous post, I discussed how to go about selecting the right tool to use for creating an idea palette for songwriting.  In this post, I’ll discuss a tried and true technique that I use in conjunction with the idea pallet to develop ideas from my common threads.  This is almost always my starting point for lyrical […]

Creating an Idea Palette for Songwriting

An artist holding a colorful palette while standing in front of an easel is certainly an iconic image, but that palette is a lot more than just a parking lot for paint. The concepts are simple: There’s a tool that’s easy to manipulate while working The tool offers effortless interaction with an artistic medium It facilitates a […]

How to Develop Common Threads in Songwriting

A good story has a lot to offer.  Characters, themes, plots, conflicts, timelines, specific places, situations and varied “states of being” can spark a lot of interesting ideas for a songwriter.  One of the techniques I use when writing a series of songs is to relate them using common threads from a storyline.  The thread […]

4 Songwriting Techniques for Writing a Series of Related Songs

Developing a series of related songs that flows naturally together can be a challenge for a songwriter.   Most singer-songwriters can and do write songs in a variety of different styles.  Simply releasing ten of the latest songs that you’ve written will most likely produce a fragmented listener experience….a bit like selecting shuffle all on your […]